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Privacy Policy

JLAHome is a subsidiary of E&E Co. Ltd., and as such, respects the privacy of our customers and website users. We have developed the following Privacy Policy to be sure that your personal information is handled and maintained in a secure and responsible manner. The privacy policy details the types of information we may collect from you during your visit to our website, how we use the information, and when/if the information will be shared with third parties. To ensure the safety and security of your information, we may change the privacy policy at times, but we will be certain to keep this web page current, so you will be aware of any changes. When you use our website, you give consent for us to collect and use your information according to the specifications in this privacy policy.

There are two types of information collected when you visit our website: public information and personal information.Public information - such as IP address, domain type, browser version, service provider – is recorded during each visitor’s use of our site. This information helps us to know our customers better so we can serve you more efficiently. For example, public information will tell us how frequently our visitors browse a particular page, and we, in turn, use these trends to help us decide what items you would like to see included in our sales.

Private information – When you sign up for an account with Olliix or when you place an order with us, we ask you for information including, but not limited to your name, address, phone number, and credit card number. This information is used to service your request, deliver your product, and answer your inquiries and process returns. Most people are not concerned as much with how JLAHome/Olliix uses the information, but more so with if/when/why your personal information will be shared with third parties. JLAHome will share your personal information only with those parties who need the information in order to help us serve you by performing their various functions. These third parties may include our printer, mailing house, shipping company, survey firm, database administrators, etc. We may also disclose your personal information when we deem it appropriate to comply with the law. Finally, if JLAHome were ever merged or purchased by another entity, we would share our customer information with this business entity as well as retaining a copy for our records as well.

This privacy policy was last updated on April, 2018 and is subject to change.



By clicking the “AGREE” button below, your company [referenced herein as “Company”, “Dealer” and “Customer”] agrees to accept responsibility for all transactions it authorizes through its principal(s), agents, employees, representatives, independent contractors and/or any other person(s) acting on its behalf and agrees to abide by all Olliix/Dealer terms and conditions set-out herein.


Dealer agrees and warrants that it will not disclose its Olliix account number and/or password to anyone other than its authorized agents, employees, representatives and/or independent contractors and guarantees payment of all transactions that are authorized by its agents, employees, representatives, independent contractors and/or any other person(s) acting on its behalf.


If by Credit Card or PayPal:
Dealer Authorizations create product holds.
Olliix will not charge Dealer until the authorized order ships.
Funds must be available when order ships.
Failure of Customer to pay amount owed and due constitutes a breach of this Agreement.

Handling Fee: All dealers placing orders with a subtotal of $250.00 or under will be charged a handling fee of 8%. Standard Pricing Dealers will be charged a handling fee of 8% on all orders, regardless of subtotal, until the Dealer reaches $5000 net purchasing in that calendar year, after which the 8% handling fee will be waived for rest of the calendar year on the Dealer’s orders exceeding $250.00.

On Account/Terms:
All invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt.
Invoices are generated at time of shipment.
Credit memos may be applied to the invoice Customer is to be credited against.
Customer failure to pay its account in a timely manner will result in revocation of their account and payment of their accounts in arrears pursued through legal system, collections, etc.
All charges related to re-routing fees, extra-item charges, lift-gate (after the order is placed), etc. are payable only by Credit Card.

Detention Charges:
When shipping an order as prepaid LTL (less than truckload shipping via LTL carrier), Dealer/Customer must note that they have 15 minutes to offload an order from the time the delivery carrier arrives. Should the carrier be detained longer than 15 minutes, detention fees will accrue that are the responsibility of the Dealer/Customer.

Wire Transfers:
At this time, wire transfers are only available to International Dealers.

Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

With the intention of maintaining a fair market value and healthy margins for all Olliix customers, Olliix requires that its customers adhere to Olliix Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy.

Licensed and National Brands

For brands that are classified as Licensed or National Brands, Dearlers are prohibited from advertising Olliix sourced products at prices below 15% discounts off suggested retail prices unless the Olliix sourced products are discontinued (“C”) items.

Ecommerce and House Brands

For brands that are classified as Ecommerce or House Brands, Olliix Dealers agree to maintain advertised price levels at or above 15% of the “Suggested Retail/MAP” – which Olliix publishes for fashion bedding, furniture, wall art, lighting, and other decor and home accessories. Basic Bedding (white goods, solid sheets, and solid blankets) may be advertised at prices below 15% suggested retail.

Violations of Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

A Dealer violation of MAP is a breach of the their Dealer Agreement with Olliix. If and when a MAP violation is discovered, Olliix will notify the violating Customer in writing to allow them to correct their mistake, which must be corrected (raise advertised retail pricing to or above MAP) within 3-business days after violation notification is sent. If within a 6-month period a Dealer violates MAP again, Olliix may suspend the Dealer’s account or, at Olliix’ discretion, issue a 2nd (and Final) violation notice to the Dealer. Failure to comply with MAP rules results in withdrawal of the SKU from the violating Dealer. However, egregious violations of MAP will constitute a serious breach of Agreement and warrant immediate suspension of the breaching Dealer’s account. Olliix believes that its MAP Policy is fair and intends to collectively benefit all of its Customer Dealers.

Damaged or Defective Items

Olliix has policies and procedures in place that must be followed when the Dealer has a defective or damaged product claim. Olliix requires proof of damage and/or defect; a confirmation that the item was donated or destroyed; determination from Dealer as to preference of receiving a refund, replacement or credit. Dealers agree to work with their customers to provide the Dealer with necessary information about damaged and/or defective products, specifically, photos, explanations, descriptions and confirmations, which the Dealer can then provide to Olliix to assist processing of Dealer’s refund, replacement or credit.

Special Circumstances

Periodically, Olliix discontinues a design/pattern. Once a pattern is discontinued, the minimum advertised price requirement is removed and Dealers may advertise at whatever price point the retailer feels is appropriate to maximize sales and margin. Dealers should make themselves aware of periodic MAP changes by consulting their sales representative and the Olliix Dealer pages.

Dealers with physical storefronts (Brick & Mortar) and websites are authorized to post Olliix items on selected marketplace websites, however pricing must be maintained as set forth herein. A Dealer may never post (advertise) E&E, JLA or Olliix national or house brands on Any customer that does not fit the above criteria is not allowed to post items from any category to online marketplace websites, which includes the following: Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Sears, Jet, and any other marketplaces that exist today or in the future. In addition, no Customer is allowed to ship orders to any 3rd party logistic centers for purpose of selling on marketplaces or websites unless that marketplace or website is owned by that Customer.

Guidelines for Ecommerce Accounts on Olliix

  1. Dealer will enter their own orders.
  2. Return Authorizations: All Ecommerce accounts should generate their own RA’s for returns unless there is a damaged or defective issue in play. Training on generating an RA can be provided. If there is a damaged or defective issue, please contact Customer Service at
  3. Ecommerce Accounts can use a packing slip for their orders. The shipping label will appear as though the order is coming from Olliix.
  4. We do not offer images for Ecommerce accounts. All images on Olliix are Hi-Res that the Customer can download from Olliix website site.
  5. Once a customer reaches a certain threshold in purchasing, we will present to them the Mass Upload and/or EDI ability. Mass Upload and/or EDI will also allow them the extra benefit of image services and customized packing slip.

Licensed and National Brands

Beautyrest Hampton HillHarbor House Josie by NatoriMartha Stewart N NatoriNatoriWoolrichCosmoliving

Ecommerce and House Brands

510 Designs90◦ by DesignLabAdjusta-FitClassic ComfortComfort SpacesDesign LabEco-WeaveFresh SpunGoGreenH2ologyHome EssenceHome Essence ApartmentInk+IvyIntelligent Design (ID)Liquid CottonMadison ClassicsMadison ParkMadison Park EssentialsMadison Park PureMadison Park SignatureMi-ZoneMi-Zone KidsPeak PerformancePremier ComfortProtechSleep PhilosophySoft TouchSoloftStyle LabTrue NorthUrban HabitatWonderWool

Olliix may periodically update terms of this Agreement as when brand and licensing status changes and when MAP and MAPP revisions are made.

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