AtlantaMarket HP 1201to122617
SaveTheDateLasVegas 0115to020118
WinterHorizon HP 010817
Sofa Sectionals 0106to020218
HotelLuxury 2x3 Jan2018
Bath 1x3 Jan2018, link:
MPS 3x3 Jan2018
Wall 1x3 Jan2018
Lighting 1x3 Jan2018
HH 1x3 Jan2018

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Home Furnishings & Home Décor

Bring unique style to the home with Olliix's wide range of furniture, bedding and home décor accents. From living room furniture to bedroom products and kitchen/dining furniture to entryway accents, there are a host of products that we offer. Get the best home decor ideas and bring the ideas to life with our products. You can create a new look altogether or add decorative accents to the exsisting decor to make it more attractive. Pick complementing furniture for the rooms such as sofas, sectionals, coffee tables, end tables, beds, dressers, dining chairs and tables etc. and add matching home decoration accents such as lamps, canvas art, throws, decoraove pillows and much more.